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Marines are known for being tough. Seagoing soldiers, they are trained to be the first ones to confront the enemy in the battlefield. They have to be well disciplined and trained to be the perfect warriors that their country needs. In the battlefield they are ready to face the enemy and anything that they could throw at them. They know the risks and they take it. They are willing to put their lives on the line. They know that the wounds that they get are part of what they have to pay to do their duty and they accept it.

After the trumpets fade and the medals have been awarded wounded veterans might face a hard time. Civilian life is something totally different from the military and there are some people who might not understand the sacrifices that they have made. Wounded veterans would be stunned to know that they might have a hard time finding work once they turn in their uniforms.
ThatĄ¯s what woundedmarinecareers.org is for. We are here to make sure that marines going back into civilian life would have an easy time in making the transition and in finding a new career. We specially care for the wounded veterans who will have the most difficult in making the adjustment.

We have information on where former servicemen can find help in finding jobs and actual employment opportunities. We have articles offering information regarding the best career choices that they can make. We recognize that it is not easy to make the change. There are scars, both physical and unseen that can make the experience a hard time. But with the kind of assistance that we provide and those from others we hope that our wounded heroes would be able to get their lives back to normal again. For more information visit korean-war.com.

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Getting wounded in battle – are your employment choices over?

Servicemen, who are in the areas of conflict, face the possibility of being wounded in battle. They just take it on as an everyday part of their life as a member of the military. Just as office workers would see the incidental conditions of their workplace as ordinary things, servicemen look at the possibility of being in battle as something that could happen to them, including being wounded.

Wounded and Injured- The term battle casualties would apply to all military personnel who were killed or wounded in actions against the enemy. They would also include those who are reported missing. The term wounded applies to someone who was hurt during an operation against the enemy. Injured refers to those who were hurt while engaged in some other activities, not connected with action against the enemy.

The military tries to take care of its personnel as much as it can. Whenever someone gets hurt, he is evacuated immediately to the nearest field hospital after first aid has been applied. If the facilities of the field hospital are inadequate then he is taken to a better hospital.

Getting Wounded in Battle

Getting wounded in battle is usually a serious thing. The enemy is out to kill after all and one can consider himself lucky if he gets away from the experience alive. There are many types of wounds that a serviceman can suffer during a battle. Gunshot wounds can be fatal and dangerous. Improvised explosive devices can cause some very serious injuries on anyone who was caught in its detonation. The blast alone can cause serious trauma and concussion, shrapnel can tear flesh and the resulting flame can burn a serviceman. There are so many other possibilities in the field of battle, with a determined enemy ready to inflict damage.

Effects of Battle Wounds

While a wound sustained in battle is a serious thing and can be life changing, it is not the end of the world. It also does not mean that a person would not be able to find employment again as a civilian. Even if one has suffered a wound that has caused some disability, there are still plenty of possibilities out there. New technologies are available which would allow a person to use artificial limbs with greater efficiency.

There are also some forms of employment where it would not matter if the performing them have some form of disability of not.

You should explore all of the possibilities that are open for you if you were wounded in battle.

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Places to find jobs

A veteran coming home from his tour of duty might have a hard time finding employment. He might be surprised that after all of his sacrifices, that he is unable to find a decent employment. ItĄ¯s a little discouraging as to how we treat our veterans, especially those who were wounded, but that is reality as we have to face it today. In fact it is not just the veterans who are having a hard time today but almost everyone else.

So what can a veteran, a Marine, do when he comes home to find that he doesnĄ¯t have a job waiting for him? Surely there must be some options where they can find some of work. The skills that they have learned in the military might be valuable for some industries after all.

Places to Find Jobs for Veterans

If a veteran is searching for employment, what would be the best place to check out? The truth is that finding work is not as easy today as it used to be, but there are several places that a veteran can check out, where he might find some work that could fit his skills and abilities.

  1. The military itself is offering some form of program where veterans can find employment and integrate back into civilian life. They are in partnership with the private companies in providing some form of employment to discharged servicemen.
  2. There are some non-governmental organizations that are mostly made up of veterans as well that are helping out former servicemen to find good employment.
  3. If you would like to find employment on your own, then you can conduct some research online. There are websites that are offering information that can be used to find work

A former serviceman who is skilled in handling tools or in doing repairs might be able to benefit from the service of the website. He can have his business registered on the system so people looking for someone with his skills in his area, could find him. That way he can be accessible to a great number of potential clients.

There are plenty of other means that can be used for finding employment for a war veteran.

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Possible careers for wounded marines

Since the War on Terrorism started out in 2001, a great number of servicemen have returned home with some form of injury. In some cases the injury is enough to be disabling. In normal situations these conditions would have caused a person to be unable to find work or employment. But it must not be forgotten that these servicemen were wounded and injured in the line of duty. They were protecting the honour of their country and so everything must be done for them.

Wounded Marines

The Marines have always been at the thick of the fighting and it is therefore not surprising that a great number of them would get injured and hurt during the war. Once they go back to their civilian lives, whatĄ¯s left in store for them? Can they still find some work?

Possible Careers for Wounded Marines

The kinds of injury and wounds that Marines get in the field of combat might disqualify them from doing certain jobs. The problem is usually physical but sometime the psychological trauma of their experience can be too much as well, that it would prevent them from working productively.

There are still some possible career opportunities for Marines who were injured in battle. Here are some of those:

Aerospace and Defence Industries- Given the military background of a person, having a career in any of the major defence corporations would be a good choice. A weapons expert might be a good fit for a company that makes new equipment and designs weapons.

Maintenance Jobs- This is another excellent career choice for wounded Marines. Since they would have some proficiency in handling tools and equipment then they would not have a hard time in using the tools needed for doing home and building maintenance. Hose painting and carpentry are just some of the jobs there that are constantly in demand.

Retail Jobs- For those with a greater amount of disability, getting job in a retail store or owning on is an excellent move. It is less demanding physically.

Jobs with Computers- Another possible career options for those with a great deal of disability is to try and find a computer repairs job. This is perfect for them since it would be less physically demanding.

These are just some of the career choices for wounded veterans. There are many other jobs that you can try, but the most important thing to consider is whether a veteran can still handle it.

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Careers for removing wounded marines from war

Marines and other veterans who have been wounded in the battlefield face a tough time. The wounds that they might receive can range from slight to the very severe. The wounds might affect the ability to earn income once they go back to civilian life. Losing a limb might seem like a good price to pay if one can get away with his life from the battlefield, but once a person goes back to civilian life, that is when the impact of the loss would be driven home.

On top of the physical wounds, there is the fact that soldiers are very prone to the stress brought about by being in battle, which can wear them out. That can have a serious effect on their mental health. All these factors can affect someone who was wounded in the warzone to adjust and find a job back in civilian life.

Careers for War Wounded Marines

This does not mean that veterans with war wounds are left without any choices for a career path, after their term of service ends. There are many fields that they can try out and where they can excel. Here are just some of them:

Tradesmen- Most marines are handy with tools and are used to doing hard physical work. This makes them ideal to do certain types of tradesmen jobs with adequate training such as being removalist. As long as their wound does not disable them from moving around or using equipment then they could earn a living by this means.

Medical Field- One interesting field that some veterans are interested in entering is the medical services. It does not necessarily follow that one should have been a medical technician in the service to enter this field, but there seems to be a strong motivation to help others just like themselves who were wounded. ThatĄ¯s the reason why a lot of veterans are interested in it.

Managing and Office Works- For those with more serious injury, a less physical kind of work is required. That might mean working and managing an office. A person who was used to authority in the field might make an excellent manager in an office setting.

Media Related Fields- Another great area to explore a career for wounded marines is anything that has to do with the media. It can be anything from being a video editor to writing scripts. It also includes working in the internet such as web design and things like that.

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